Wrist Rack – Trains!

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We never know when and how the Wrist Rack will turn out to be more than just a ‘phone case’. Here’s one more way!

It seems that model train manufacturers are beginning to offer smartphone-controlled model trains and conversion kits for older locomotives.  It still leaves the problem of carrying around the phone in your hands, which means it can be dropped, left behind and is in the way if you have to work on something else on the layout.

The idea is, by using Wrist Rack and the train control software, model engineers end up with both wireless and hands-free train operation.

Wrist Rack attended the Supertrain Train show in Calgary this past weekend.  We were able to show a Bachmann Engine running with EZ-App Train Control.  What we didn’t expect to find were the ramifications of this new technology.  Watch the video, and see what it is that we figured out!

We turn a simple test to see if the bluetooth train control works with #WristRack into a whole lot more!

This kind of incredible flexibility, coupled with the low entry cost of bluetooth-equipped model trains could seriously lower the price barrier for those hoping to enter the hobby.


Sounds like a win to me.

BlueRailTrains.com      Smart Train Control

BachmannTrains.com  EZ-App Train Control

MTHtrains.com             Premium App


Hmmm.   I wonder if the mainline railroads will catch on to this for running their mainline