The Wrist Rack Team


Neil Enock - wearable phone case Wrist Rack creator and founder

Neil Enock
Creator & Founder

Founder of several online businesses, the Wrist Rack concept came to Neil just as Apple’s iPhone was released. Since then, he has authored 2 bestselling novels that have each featured the Wrist-Rack, as well as worn it as an actor in a short film, an independent movie and an upcoming TV pilot. Neil is in charge of business development for Wrist Rack.

Andy Guba
Designer & Founder

Andy has been creating custom leather designs for years. In 2013 he created the new prototype for the Wrist Rack for the SomeWhen TV pilot along with many of the other time machine components. In the last year, since focusing on Wrist Rack, he has guided the project through several major design iterations and is now busy perfecting designs for even more phones.

Andy Guba - wearbable phone cases Wrist Rack designer and founder

Candy Sheffield

Candy is the goto for business and customer service advice. Quite an adept leather designer as well, she lends her hand to production or training as required.

Paul Fry
Beta Tester
Paul was one of our first Beta Testers and most recently attracted attention by using the Wrist-Rack as a recording device during interviews for a TV show.

Jennifer Cockton
Beta Tester
Jennifer is an internet marketing expert and a mom. She is not only using Wrist Rack in her work but her 11 year old daughter has now ecstatically joined our beta test team.

In Memory Of Allan Stickel
Chief Believer

Allan was the first person other than Neil and Andy to believe in the future of the Wrist Rack. Only through the spark of his tireless encouragement were we able to bring Wrist Rack forward. Sadly, Allan passed away from cancer in January of 2017, but his spirit lives on in everything we do at Wrist Rack and we strive to pass on his spark in all that we do.