Yes, it is a phone case for your wrist.  Well, at least, that’s where it starts…

Wrist Rack assists in many things. Aside from keeping your phone handy, it can act in a number of specific capacities. With everything that you are telling us about it, the list is growing every day.  Here are some of our favorites…


Film makers love the Wrist Rack. It is a handy monitor for bluetooth or wireless devices and great for wireless device like the Ronin where settings can be calibrated from a smartphone App. Being truly handsfree is a plus on any equipment-laden set. DJI Osmo and wireless-viewed drones love the Wrist Rack.


Wearable smartphone case for reportage


When we sent the Wrist Rack along to a fashion show, it was just to show it off. Imagine our surprise when we were asked if it could be used to record the audio sessions for an interview show! Since then, other broadcasters have contacted us to see about getting their own hands-free smartphone recording device.

Wrist-Rack wearable phone case as movie prop


Back on the film set, Wrist Rack has already starred in several independent movies and TV shows. It is still looking for it’s big break in Hollywood, and with Sci-Fi being what it is, we have high hopes.

Wrist Rack Rides

Motorcylcist, Horseback rider or Pedal enthusiast, with Wrist Rack, you know where your phone is at all times. Handy and accessible without having to dig for it.

Wrist Rack Games

Gamers love the Wrist Rack. Aside from the obvious Fallout 4 Congruence, gamers tell us people will soon come up with games to incorporate the portability that Wrist Rack offers. Can’t wait to see what they come up with!

Wrist Rack Hauls

The perfect driving accessory. Wrist Rack keeps you phone hands free but available when you safely need it.

Wrist Rack Protects

Essential Services Uses

Wrist Rack Clicks


Wrist Rack Engineers

Remote Controls for Model Trains

Wrist Rack Strums


Wrist Rack Presents

Presentation Controller (and pointer!)

Wrist Rack Cosplays

Steampunk and Beyond!




People are telling us more every day what they are doing with Wrist Rack.

Here are some of the features we’ve included to help make that happen.







Simply Useable 

You can swivel your Wrist Rack around your arm and view it horizontally on the outside of your arm or vertically on the inside of your arm.

Your phone can quickly slide out of the Wrist Rack to take a picture or take a call (if you don’t have Bluetooth) and then it can be popped back in a second.


Fits Anyone

Small, Regular and Large wrist mounts with all adjustable straps means that stock Wrist Racks can fit nearly anyone.

Big or small, if you have a special need beyond our size charts, let us know. We can accommodate!



It’s Just That Handy

Hidden between the wrist mount and the phone carrier are several credit-card sized pouches.

We’ve seen people use them to carry ID, credit cards, emergency cash, medical info, good luck charms  or even a spare key!



If you’ve looked into the hidden instructions inside your cellphone, you know that most manufacturers recommend at least 5mm between your phone and your skin. Wrist Rack has you covered with almost 6mm!

In case that’s not enough, we’ve added a layer of EMF shielding inside the wrist mount itself! Peace of mind is built in to Wrist Rack.



Built with naturally vegetable-tanned leathers, we strive to keep Wrist Rack as environmentally conscious as possible. Vegetable-tanning does not have harmful chemicals. It is an old-world, artisanal process that takes advantage of the tannic acids naturally found in some plant species, by using the barks, branches, leaves and even some fruits in some specific techniques.

The natural appearance before painting, has a slightly brownish tinge over a beige color, with a natural, woody and earthy smell.


Get a new phone? Wrist Rack’s built-in standards will allow us to offer you a new phone case section without having to buy a whole new unit!

Simply snap the top section off the wrist mount and replace it with the one for your new phone.

Fashion conscious? You can buy several different color covers to match your Wrist Rack to your wardrobe. Use the custom cover options to get extra covers and personalize them!



Your Wrist Rack is handmade by leather artisans in North America. We expect quality, and so should you.

As we grow, we are training local artisans to join our team.

Like to work with your hands?  Keep an eye on our website for employment opportunities.



Into the Future

We’re constantly adding Wrist Rack capability for new phones and will be adding new features and options as they pass through R&D.

You’re going to be amazed at some of what’s yet to come!





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