Melding Man and Machine, Wrist Rack is Bringing the World One Step Closer to a Cyborg Future

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Melding Man and Machine, Wrist Rack is Bringing the World One Step Closer to a Cyborg Future

Explorer Brown wearable phone cases by Wrist RackWrist Rack, the revolutionary new way to go hands free with smart devices, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Wrist Rack is a forearm mounted phone case, allowing for the best way to go hands free while unlocking new potential use cases for smart devices. When worn, the device looks awesome, is instantly accessible and seamlessly integrated; making for a truly magical experience that makes the user feel as if they’re operating from a cyborg future, blurring the distance between man and machine.

“Just as Elon Musk has drawn his Hyperloop and his Electric car concepts from the pages of age-old science fiction, Wrist Rack comes to life from the vast multi-verse of Sci-Fi, TV shows, Movies and even the gaming world,” says creator and partner Neil Enock. “The Wrist Rack makes the technology you use every day far more accessible, safer, and useable than its ever been before.”

The potential use cases for Wrist Rack are endless, with users consistently discovering new and creative ways to achieve more. The product has already achieved a name having appeared in several independent futuristic films and TV shows. Filmmakers, reporters, broadcasters, bicyclists, horseback riders, and more have all discovered the great potential available when their smartphone is strapped to their wrist, leaving them with a truly hands-free experience with the latest technology a touch away.

The Wrist Rack is available in small, regular, and large with adjustable straps meaning that the case can fit nearly anyone. Users can swivel the Wrist Rack around their arm and view it horizontally on the outside of their arm or vertically on the inside of the arm. In addition, the phone quickly slides out of the case when users need to take a picture or take a call. Hidden between the wrist mount and the phone carrier are several credit-card sized pouches where users can store everything from ID’s to spare keys.

The Wrist Rack is manufactured with a naturally vegetable-tanned leather, making the product as environmentally conscious as possible. The gorgeous patina is available in four different styles; Explorer Brown, Basic Black, and SteamPunk in Brown or Black. The Wrist Rack is compatible with almost all major smartphones on the market and is future proof thanks to built-in standards that allow the company to offer a new phone case section when users change or upgrade their smartphone.

“Wrist Rack is truly the world’s first all-in one solution for transporting your phone. The two-part system means the Wrist Rack fits you and the detachable case fits your phone,” adds designer and partner Andy Guba. “We’ve designed a universal platform that will allow easy upgrades and enable some very cool features as we grow. You’re going to be amazed at some of what’s yet to come!”

Wrist Rack is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Wrist Rack

Wrist Rack co-founders Neil Enock and Any Guba have combined their inspiration and ingenuity with iTinkr Inc.’s 15 years of experience in product development, international sourcing and targeted sales/marketing to bring the Wrist Rack to life. Wrist Rack draws from Itinkr units and its new publishing arm.

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