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Neil Enock is an actor, screenwriter, filmmaker, inventor, and media presenter. He created and hosts “Train Talk TV” on ITunes, which has over a million viewers/listeners, and just com- pleted his first feature, SomeWhen, which he not only appears, but also wrote and produced. He is also the author of the successful novel “Doc Christmas and the Magic of Trains”.

“Everything I do is about storytelling,” he says. “Everything is about enhancing and growing the story, making it fuller and richer – whether I’m writing, acting, or making things.”
Already known for his custom, hand-made cribbage boards, he is also an experienced model and set designer as well as director and editor. Neil conceived the idea for the Wrist Rack as a costume piece for SomeWhen.

“I wanted to bring it out of the fiction and into reality,” he says. “It’s another way of telling the story and making it three-dimensional.”

When he’s not writing, making cribbage boards, or speaking on the convention circuit, Neil is often found on both sides of the camera, filming in and around Calgary in search of new tales.

From childhood, art was a part of the fabric in Andy Guba’s life, and he has an abiding love of its expression in all forms. Self-taught and hands-on, he began his career working at a book bindery and noticed that the owner had garbage bags full of discarded leather scraps. Curious, he asked if he could have them.

“I wanted to see what I could make from them,” he explains of his favorite medium and area of expertise. “He said, ‘sure’, so I grabbed as much as I could and started working on them.” After having experimented with drawing and painting, he discovered he had an affinity for sculpture and 3-D art. “I try to get my hands on any medium I can,” he says. “But I love work- ing with leather.”

He went from making jewelry from discarded leather scraps to creating custom pieces and belts, then graduating to full costumes and armor. One of his costume designs was featured in the film SomeWhen, and he has worked steadily in film and television in addition to his jewelry creations.

The Wrist Rack was initially created as a costume piece for Enock’s SomeWhen; Enock called Andy and described the piece as it was conceived in the story, and Andy designed and built the first prototype for the film. It became something of a phenomenon on set; cast and crew mem- bers began asking to have one of their own, and before long Andy and Neil decided to make a line of Wrist Racks for the general public.

“So now I’m pretty much spending my time coming up with new and different Wrist Rack de- signs,” Andy says happily. “The response has been really fantastic, and we’re excited with where it all goes next.”