Smart phone case to wear on your arm used with iPhone, Samsung
Body (L) and Top (R)

Basic care

  • Your Wrist Rack is a leather product, please treat as you should any leather product
  • Mild precipitation is fine.
  • Perspiration will not harm your Wrist Rack.
  • Basically, anything your phone can take is fine for the Wrist Rack.


  • Basic cleaning can be done with a damp cloth.
  • After cleaning or if the Wrist Rack gets wet, use a cloth to dab surface moisture off and then let air dry.
  • Because leather does dry out over years of ownership, you should occasionally condition with Mink Oil or leather conditioner – ie products for leather boots or jackets. Frequency depends on how much use and abuse your Wrist Rack faces.
    IN AN EMERGENCY: If you really get your Wrist Rack really dirty or oilly you can try to clean it with saddle soap.


  • Do not use vegetable oil, olive oil or other salad type oils. The Wrist Rack is not edible so those oils are inappropriate.
  • It is NOT recommended to leave your Wrist Rack exposed in heavy rain or submerged in water – so bathing and swimming with the Wrist Rack on is not recommended.
  • Do not put in direct sunlight, blow dry, use heat sources, or put in the microwave to quick dry the Wrist Rack. (Especially don’t use a microwave which will ruin the leather and metal parts will create sparks and possibly make the microwave explode.)
  • When not wearing do not leave the Wrist Rack in direct sunlight such as on the dash of your car or on a window ledge. Do not leave on or near other heat sources either.
  • You may notice some extra toning of the muscles in your arm or shoulder, you may want to wear your Wrist Rack on alternate arms occasionally to even out toning.



  1. You can either put your Wrist Rack face down on the table, or – holding your forearm horizontal in front of you – lay it on top of your wrist. The widest strap should just be on the wrist bones.
  2. Attach the Velcro™ of the widest strap just tight enough to hold the Wrist Rack in place but you should still able to rotate it around your arm if need be.
  3. Try and attach the snaps of the other two straps. If they are too loose or too tight, note how far the strap snaps are from body snaps.
  4. As needed, undo the Velcro™ of one strap at a time, and move the strap to the needed place. If too loose pull more strap through the loop from the opposite end from the snap
    – If too tight pull more strap through the loop from the snap end
    – Move the strap through the metal loop only as much as you noted the two parts of the snap were apart
    – Fold the strap back onto itself attaching the
    Velcro™ and try the snap.
  5. ENJOY
Fitting the Wrist Rack



  • If you take the Top complete off, remember that the end with the ELASTICS go UP the arm, facing your elbow.
    Your phone slips BOTTOM first into the elastics; push slightly against the elastics and slide back up into the top of the holder.

  • Once you have the sizing with the Velcro on the straps, you can just use the snaps for day-to-day ease of putting your Wrist Rack on and off.
  • Note there are pockets under the Top for credit cards and ID if you with to use them, you can access them by undoing the middle strap snap and top snaps on the same side.

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