Custom Engraving on Your Wrist Rack

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We’ve had some questions about custom engraving…  It’s relatively inexpensive and here are a few samples  from our Pre-Launch and Comic Expo orders…   If you are interested in custom engraving, do let us know!  

Wrist Rack – Films!

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How many times when you’re filming could you use another hand? We asked Gerrick from G5 films to put the #WristRack through its paces. He used it here with his DJI Osmo, and several times since.  He has also used it with … Continued

Wrist Rack – Trains!

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  We never know when and how the Wrist Rack will turn out to be more than just a ‘phone case’. Here’s one more way! It seems that model train manufacturers are beginning to offer smartphone-controlled model trains and conversion … Continued

Wrist Rack – Acts!

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Wrist Rack… Acts! Since the days of #DickTracy, people have been futuristic wearing devices on their arm.  #BacktoTheFuture, #Chuck, #ToyStory with #BuzzLightyear – the list is endless. This behind the scenes pic from Iain Laird’s ‘The Great Fear‘ shows one of the #RebelLeaders wearing a Wrist Rack. This makes … Continued

Wrist Rack – Rides!

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If you are on horseback or on two wheels, you will find the wrist rack a convenient way to carry your phone.  No more digging in your pockets every time you stop, or worrying about dropping your phone on the … Continued